Cyber security

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Industrial cyber security / Endüstriyel Siber Güvenlik

Westermo, Veri Haberleşmesi çözümü sunmakla kalmayıp,aynı zamanda siber saldırılar ve hacker ataklarına karşı….

The ever changing cyber threat landscape requires agile response, and Westermo is dedicated to provide both robust and resilient data communications solutions and organizational agility to adapt to new and emerging threats. However, Westermo appreciate that establishing a good and sustainable security posture requires more than technology. It also needs dedicated and skilled people and a security management framework to lean on. We at Westermo can help you with both. On our website you will find continuous upgrades and advisories on cyber security in the industrial world as well as best practises and application concepts.

Resource centre

For in-depth information on Westermo industrial cyber security, please visit our resource centre.


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Report a vulnerability

If you are experiencing a product security issue, we strongly encourage you to contact the Westermo PSIRT Product Security Incident Response Team).

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