ES2113, 96 kanal bi-directional Ethernet Dijital I/O Modül

96-Channel I/O

• Bi-directional Discrete I/O with i2o Option

• 0 to 28V Input DC, active-low inputs

• 0 to 28V Output DC, 0.5A per channel, low-side switches

• 18 to 36V DC Power

• Modbus TCP/UDP/IP or i2o peer-to-peer 10/100Base-T(X) and 100Base-FX


• 96 discrete I/O channels: Bi-directional channels support any input/output mix in a single unit.

• High-density stackable unit: Stacked mounting puts a lot of I/O in a very small footprint to save panel space.

• High speed channel updates: Updates all 96 channels in 1mS.

• Modbus TCP/IP or UDP/IP protocol: I/O functions as slave to host controller.

• Peer-to-peer i2o communication: Inputs to one unit automatically update outputs on another over Ethernet link.

• Change-of-state or timed updates: Event-driven updates transmit data in less than 5mS between peers with i2o.

• 10 Modbus TCP/IP sockets/sessions: Multiple masters can talk to an EtherStax unit at the same time.

• Self-test checks I/O operation: Test I/O channels from a web browser before wiring terminals to devices.

• Selectable input “wetting” current: Internal current source eliminates pull-ups and improves dry contact interface.

• Automatic change of state detection: Inputs detect quick momentary changes of state that occur between polling.

• Internal or external port excitation: Selectable source on each 16-channel port simplifies wiring and adds flexibility for use with 5-28V DC logic.

• Loop-back monitoring on all channels: Inputs confirm output states for increased system reliability.

• Watchdog timers and failsafe outputs: Communication fault sends output to a pre-defined state or holds the last value.

• Output open-load detection: Output fault detection is selectable on individual channels.

• Thermal, current, voltage protection: I/O is protected from excessive levels to reduce downtime.

• Operating temperature: Open board, -40 to 75°C (-40 to +167°F); Closed board, -40 to 75°C (all outputs “off”); -40 to 70°C (all outputs “on” at rated Max.).

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