Ethernet Extender ( SHDSL/VDSL )

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WESTERMO ( Sweden );

Extend your network far beyond the normal limits of Ethernet.
The Westermo Wolverine series of industrial Ethernet extenders allow cost-effective Ethernet networks to be created over long distances, at high data rates. The SHDSL technology employed makes it possible to reuse many types of pre-existing cabling which in turn can lead to considerable financial savings. With support for multidrop networks, redundant rings, legacy serial connections and layer 3 routing functions, our range of Ethernet extenders can meet any demand your application requires.

–> Point to Point Ethernet Extenders
Unmanaged plug and play extenders for industrial Ethernet.
–> Managed Layer 2 / Layer 3 ( Routing ) Ethernet Extenders
Extend your managed network with the Wolverine.

SHDSL cable testing :
Download and learn how to use WeConfig to determine whether a cable is suitable dor use. The Westermo Ethernet extenders are capable to deliver full duplex data rates up to  15.3Mbit/s on old copper cables. Even higher rates of up to 30Mbit/se can be acheived by combining two cable pairs.

Etic Telecom ( France )

Ethernet Extenders (XS+ Family)
SHDSL switches adapted to any network topology (point to point, daisy chain, line concentrator) and proposing advanced features such as ByPass and Auto-Negociation

–> XSLAN+ 140
Ethernet Extender
Ethernet Extender Plug&Play SHDSL Switch
Ethernet Extender SHDSL Switch for Daisy Chain
SHDSL Line Concentrator