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Industrial Ethernet Switches

WESTERMO ( Sweden );

The Westermo range of industrial Ethernet switches are designed for use in harsh environments and allow you to build cost-effective, reliable, secure networks. Whether you require an unmanaged switch for a point to point link, a managed switch for redundancy or a layer 3 switch for network routing, our extensive range of switches and knowledge of the various standards used in train, railway, energy, utilities and road applications means we have the ideal solution, regardless of the environment.

–> Industrial Unmanaged Ethernet Switches
Plug-and-play simplicity with industrial grade reliability.
–> Industrial Managed Layer 2 Ethernet Switches
Managed Ethernet switches for reliable, robust and easy to manage networks.
–> Industrial Managed Layer 3 Routing Ethernet Switches
Westermo layer 3 switches are rugged industrial switches, routers and firewall in one box.
–> EN50155 Ethernet Switches
Ultra robust and reliable Ethernet switches for train networks and extreme operational conditions.
–> Industrial PoE Ethernet Switches
PoE (Power over Ethernet) switches for effective and reliable industrial networks.
–> 19″ Rackmount Ethernet Switches
Industrially grade rack mounted switches for high bandwidth network solutions.

ATOP ( Taiwan )

Atop Industrial Ethernet solutions speed up automation network convergence by combining advanced performance with rugged reliability to provide a “best of both worlds” solution for many of today’s industrial applications. They’re designed to withstand harsh industrial environment, such as extreme temperatures, high humidity, large power surges and potential physical impact.

These Industrial switches are ideal for infrastructure management, waste treatment facilities, power utility stations, telecommunication installations, transportation monitoring and other mission-critical applications where real-time performance, under extreme operating conditions, is required. Built-in redundancy coupled with advanced security and network management ensures the infrastructure stays up running, while providing tools for monitoring and tracking.

Atop’s Industrial Ethernet switches are divided into two main categories: managed and unmanaged, according to their complexity and versatility.

Managed Ethernet switches allow users to expand their industrial network quickly and cost-effectively, while the rugged industrial-grade design assures reliability and stability. Industrial management switches are an ideal solution for easily managing applications at the central office or local site.

Unmanaged Industrial Ethernet switches are designed for use in demanding industrial environments, offering unmatched performance, reliability, and value. With no setup required, they are truly plug-and-play.

With a wide selection of industry-grade switches, ATOP is able to provide the ideal solution for every customer and every application. The portfolio also features devices for use in demanding environments, as well as entry level and advanced applications. Switches with PoE ports and PROFINET-enabled are also available.

–> Entry Level Industrial Ethernet Switches
–> Advanced Industrial Ethernet Switches
–> Harsh Environments Industrial Ethernet Switches
–> Industrial Profinet Ethernet Switches
–> Industrial Ethernet PoE Switches
–> EN50155 Railway Switches
–> IEC 61850-3 Industrial Ethernet Switches
–> Industrial Layer 3 Routing Ethernet Switches
–> Industrial 19″ Rack-mount Ethernet Switches