Network Yönetim

Areskom İletişim Sistemleri

WeConfig / Konfigürasyon Yönetim Yazılımı

WeConfig sayesinde, Network konfigürasyonu ve arıza tespiti/bakım daha efektif, basit ve güvenilir olmaktadır…

WeConfig is a Network Configuration Management (NCM) Tool. It was developed to provide a simple method of network configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices. Once installed on a PC, the software scans the network for devices. Once the scan is complete a list of devices as well as a mini topology map is displayed. Now, basic configuration information like IP addresses can be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated.

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WeConnect/ Uzaktan Erişim Yazılımı

WeConnect sayesinde; her türlü otomasyon ve Kontrol cihazını güvenli uzak erişim yapabilirsiniz…

WeConnect is a networking solution that enables secure remote connections to the network edge. Strong encryption techniques make it possible to remotely access any device on the network using a PC, smartphone or tablet. This allows the network to be managed from anywhere in the world, resulting in significant time and cost savings.

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WeOS / Westermo İşletim Sistemi

WeOS; Güvenli, Resilient ve esnek network ler oluşturmaya imkan sağlayan gelişmiş IP Network standartlarını sağlar…

WeOS is a leading-edge industrial network operating system that is being continuously developed whilst being subjected to exhaustive quality testing. It powers the most reliable switches and routers on the market, designed for harsh industrial environments. WeOS has extensive support for network and security protocols that have been made simple to configure and maintain. WeOS along with Westermo’s robust hardware provides the world’s most reliable network solutions..

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Cyber Security / Endüstriyel Siber Güvenlik

Westermo, Veri Haberleşmesi çözümü sunmakla kalmayıp,aynı zamanda siber saldırılar ve hacker ataklarına karşı….

The ever changing cyber threat landscape requires agile response, and Westermo is dedicated to provide both robust and resilient data communications solutions and organizational agility to adapt to new and emerging threats.

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