Smart Cities & ITS

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Smart Cities – ITS

Vehicle height laser detection system

Transport for Cape Town (TCT) recently installed a 3D laser detection system in Muizenberg to prevent vehicles with a height of over 2.5m from crashing into the low railway bridge at Atlantic Road.

In this solution Teltonika RUT955 4G LTE Router ensures reliable and secure remote monitoring from the Transport Management Centre.

Traffic control systems

We are glad to participate in improving the safety of Kaunas city traffic. Our RUT series routers ( Teltonika RUT500, RUT230, RUT240, RUT950, RUT955 ) enable innovative traffic management systems to communicate with a central station and inform police and other agencies about system malfunctions. Teltonika’s time-proven durable routers provide stable connection and guarantee the fastest possible reaction to traffic lights and other controlling equipment malfunction issues. This reduces the potential traffic jams and improves overall traffic safety.

Automated heating and cooling

Heating and cooling system efficiency is becoming more and more important. One of the first steps in making automated systems efficient is automatic controllers integrated with Teltonika’s IoT solutions. Centralized control and monitoring allow households and businesses to benefit from increased efficiency and reduced maintenance costs

Lift dispatching solutions

Every lift all around the world must be dispatched. We are glad to contribute by providing safe and reliable IoT solution for both lift passengers and lift maintenance companies. Our experience allows lift maintenance companies to get information about every lift in order to prevent faults and make the system safer and more reliable.

Electric car charging points

An electric car is the future of automotive industry. The charging point infrastructure is growing rapidly along with a number of electric vehicles in the world. Our IoT solutions allow connecting charging stations to one grid, which allows end-users to see where they can find an available charging point and have free WiFi during the time the car is being re-charged. This empowers end-users to have best customer experience possible.

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