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Industrial network configuration tool / Time-saving configuration tool

WeConfig makes network configuration and maintenance more efficient, simple and reliable. Many hours of work can be saved in the initial installation, as well as in ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the network. Time-consuming tasks can be automated and configuration updates can be deployed in bulk. WeConfig minimizes the risk of configuration errors and makes it simple to optimize network security. A properly configured and monitored network with simple and robust maintenance processes will minimize any risk of network downtime.

A reliable assistant / Simple and reliable configuration

As networks expand in size and complexity, the need for easy, fast and secure configuration increases.WeConfig has been developed to meet these needs. Repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be automated and complex configurations can be deployed with a few clicks. Using WeConfig both for the initial configuration and the ongoing maintenance after commissioning can save hundreds of man hours over the lifetime of a network.


  • Discover and configure new device
  • Automatic Visualization of network
  • Deploy global parameters: NTP server, SNMP Trap, DNS, Default gateway
  • Safely deploy L2 resilient configuration FRNT, RiCo, RSTP
  • Deploy VLANs and VLAN interface
  • Configure SHDSL settings
  • Project Documentation storage: FAT documents, Location pictures, Manuals
  • SHDSL reach calculator

Protect your network / Cyber security made easy

For a long time, infrastructural and industrial applications have been relatively unaffected by cyber attacks but that is changing. Cyber threats are increasing globally and many attacks have been specifically directed towards industrial applications. Westermo will always recommend that proper network security is applied in any infrastructure and industrial data communication network. WeConfig has been developed to make it easy to achieve a good protection against cyber attacks. WeConfig can perfom a security analysis and suggest changes and system wide security configuration can be applied quick and simple.


  • Deploy MAC filters system wide
  • Change passwords system wide and password strength analyser
  • Analyse switch attach surface (Switch Hardening)
  • System wide 802.1x configuration
  • Threat detection (compare configuration file with baseline)
  • CPU bandwidth limits
  • Per port bandwidth limits
  • Disable unused ports
  • Password protection of project files
  • Deploy MD5 signature to dynamic router protocol
  • Set port up/down traps

Find and fix problems before they happen / Good diagnostics for reliable networks

In most industrial control networks, reliability is critical. Even a brief network outage can become more than an annoyance as production could be disrupted. By monitoring and analyzing diagnostic data, network instabilities can be identified and addressed before causing any real problems. WeConfig provides important diagnostics data in a simple and visual format. Quick and easy access to network details is crucial in maintaining reliable networks.


  • Advanced diagnostic SHDSL SNR tracking
  • Link up Link down indication
  • Per port statistics
  • FRNT status
  • Link information quick view
  • SNMP traps
  • Alarm and even monitoring
  • Temperature device and SFP (DDM)
  • Memory usage per device
  • Uptime per device

A project lifetime solution / Efficient and reliable maintenance

Careful and consistent network maintenance is the key to reliable operation over long periods of time. Regular configuration backups and proper documentation are incredibly important if there are problems on the network. Any new configuration, upgrade or extension may involve a risk and could create network instabilities if not preformed correctly. WeConfig has been developed to make it easy and safe to perform software upgrades and reconfigurations. Built-in functions minimize the risk of misconfiguration and automatic backups makes it possible to always go back to the previous configuration if needed.


  • Automatic configuration backup
  • Manual device backup
  • Documentation per device
  • Creation of project files
  • Secure and safe software updates (primary and backup images)
  • Configuration manager
  • Alarm and events logging