3G 4G LTE GPS GLONASS 2dBi Dış Ortam IP67 Combo Anten ( Round Body )

GSM 3G / 4G LTE ve GPS İçin Birleşik Tek Anten, Dış Ortam, 2dBi, IP67



Item Specifications
GPS Antenna Dielectric


Center Frequency 1575.42±1MHz
Band Width CF±5MHz
Polarization RHCP
Gain 5dBic(Zenith)
V.S.W.R <1.5
Impendance 50Ω
Axial Ratio 3dB(max)
LNA Gain 28±2dB
Noise Figure <1.5
Ex-band Attenuation 12dB@CF+50MHz/16dB@CF-50MHz
V.S.W.R <2.0
Supply Voltage 2.2~5V DC
Current Consumption 5~15mA
GSM Antenna Frequency Range 824~960MHz/1710~2170MHz
V.S.W.R <2.0
Polarization Linear
Gain 2.0dBi
Impendance 50Ω
Mechanical Cable GPS:RG174/GSM:RG58
Connector SMA/MCX/FAKRA or others
Material Radome:ABS/Base:Cast Aluminum
Mounting Method Screw
Environmental Operating Temperature -40℃~+85℃
Relative Humidity Up to 95%
Ingress Protection IP67 (exclude cable outlet)
Vibration 10 to 55Hz with 1.5mm amplitude 2hours
Environmentally Friendly ROHS Compliant




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