631T/632T, 1/2 Kanallı İzolatör

631T / 632T:
Isolator, Single/Dual Channel

• 4 to 20mA DC input

• 4 to 20mA DC output

• 15-36V DC SELV, 90-250V AC power

• Single or dual I/O with a dual output model and full isolation

These units receive 4-20mA process current inputs and provide isolated 4-20mA output signals. Each channel operates independently and is isolated from the others to prevent interaction between channels. Galvanic isolation eliminates ground loops, reduces noise, and blocks transient signals.



• Two channels in a single unit saves space and reduces costs.

• Built-in isolated excitation supply with short circuit protection can drive up to two field 2-wire process loops.

• Full isolation safely separates each input channel, each output channel, the excitation supply, and power.

• Excellent accuracy and stability ensure reliable operation in hostile environments.

• Low input burden keeps voltage drop to less than 1.5V for full-scale current.

• Supports wide 0 to 1000 ohm load range and no trimming is required if the load varies.

• Current limiting safely limits output to 27mA.

• Pluggable terminals, zero/span trim pots and power LEDs make installation, maintainance, and long term service easy.

• 25 to 75°C (-13 to 167°F) operation, [if excitation supplies are used on 632T -25 to 60°C (-13 to 140°F)]

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