841T, Intelligent (Akıllı) Transmitter, DC Frequency/Pulse İnput

841T, Intelligent (Akıllı) Transmitter, DC Frequency/Pulse İnput

IntelliPack 800T Series

Intelligent PC-Configured Transmitters, DC-Powered, DIN Rail-Mount


Intelligent Transmitter, DC Frequency/Pulse Input

• 0 to 50KHz, 0 to 65535 pulses input

• 0 to 20mA DC, 0 to 10V DC output

• Mechanical alarm relay (25V @ 5A)

• 10-36V DC power

• Software configured; pulse counter; signal averaging; optional limit alarm functions

Acromag’s IntelliPack® series is a family of high-performance, multi-function I/O modules. IntelliPacks feature universal input/output ranges and an intelligent microcontroller to provide extreme flexibility and powerful signal conditioning capabilities.



• High-resolution Sigma-Delta A/D converter delivers high accuracy with low noise.

• Advanced microcontroller provides intelligent signal processing power for linearization, averaging, and square root computations.

• Windows XP/Vista/7 software configuration speeds setup and replacement.

• Multi-purpose inputs and outputs reduce spare stock requirements.

• Relay output option provides local limit alarm capability.

• Operating temperature range: -25 to 70°C (-13 to 158°F).

All IntelliPacks require initial software configuration (order 800C-SIP).

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