924MB, Modbus RTU Termokupl/Milivolt Input (4 Kanal) Modül

Thermocouple/Millivolt Input Module with Limit Alarms

• 4 input channels, thermocouple (types J, K, T, R, S, E, B, N) or millivolt (±100mV DC) input

• 4 alarm channels, open drain MOSFETS (1A DC loads, 0 to 35V DC)

• 10 to 36V DC, 24V AC power

• Modbus-RTU high-speed RS-485

This signal conditioner is a four-channel analog input module with four discrete outputs. It filters and linearizes thermocouple inputs while providing isolation between input, output, power, and network circuits. Cold junction compensation and upscale/downscale sensor break detection are standard. AC and DC power sources are supported with nonpolarized, diode-coupled terminals.

The programmable inputs accommodate eight thermocouple types plus wide-range millivolt signals. Flexible discrete outputs operate as alarms or on/off controllers. As limit alarms, each discrete output can be configured with high and/or low setpoints exclusively tied to an analog input channel. Alarm trips function without host communication enabling low-cost stand-alone alarms as well as local backup for the primary control system. Otherwise, on/off control is based on commands issued by the host system.



• Standard Modbus-RTU protocol with high-speed RS-485 communication (up to 115K bps)

• 16-bit sigma-delta A/D yields 0.1°C resolution and 0.5°C measurement accuracy

• Thermocouple linearization and sensor break detection ensure reliable measurements

• Four discrete outputs enable local temperature limit alarms or host-controlled on/off switching

• Heavy-duty 1A solid-state relays provide dependable on/off control of industrial devices

• Self-calibration lowers maintenance costs by reducing periodic manual calibration checks

• Watchdog timers provide a configurable failsafe output state for use when host I/O communication is lost

• Four-way isolation eliminates potential ground loops between power, input, output and network circuitry

• Self-diagnostics monitor microcontroller activity to detect operational failures (lock-up) and execute a reset to restore communication

• Operating temperature: -25°C to +70°C (-13°F to +158°F).

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