981PB/982PB/983PB, Profibus-DP Dijital I/O Modül ( 12 Kanal )

12-Channel I/O

• Active-Low Inputs, Sinking Outputs

• 12 input channels, 0 to 35V DC range

• 12 to 36V DC

• High-speed RS-485

981PB:12 input channels
982PB:12 output channels
983PB:12 input/output channels

These modules provide an isolated Profibus-DP network interface for twelve discrete input and/or output channels. The outputs provide direct on/off, high/low, or open/close control of industrial devices. The inputs sense the status of motors, pumps, valves and other equipment. The 983PB model with tandem I/O provides output level control and status verification in one unit.


• Standard Profibus-DP network communication with industry-standard ASIC (Siemens SPC3)

• 12-channel stand-alone module has far lower start-up cost than multi-piece block I/O systems

• 0-35V DC solid-state logic interface can monitor or control a wide variety of devices

• Bidirectional I/O models facilitate loopback monitoring of the output state

• Socketed SIP resistors provide input and output 5.6K ohm pull-ups to the excitation supply

• Three selectable failsafe modes (off, last-state, or pre-defined) help prevent unsafe conditions

• Compact packaging with pluggable terminals saves space and simplifies wiring

• Wide operational temperature range permits installation in extreme environments
-25 to 70°C (-13 to 158F)

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