Automative Industry

Areskom İletişim Sistemleri

Automative Industry

Public Transport

Teltonika provides an amazing solution for public transport which enables to integrate modern digital pay systems into city public transport. WiFi connection service serves as an added value to the passengers.

Commercial Transportations

In today’s world, it is getting more and more difficult to gain a competitive advantage for every business. Commercial transport business is no exception. Teltonika’s IoT solutions do provide that competitive advantage by enabling to transmit data from vehicles around the world without making them go back to the central office. This innovation reduces costs significantly and empowers transport companies to be more flexible and rapidly better at efficiency.

Public Services

Teltonika is proud to help public servants around the world by providing a reliable and stable internet connection. Police and Medical service teams around the world gains a vital extra edge by getting crucial information anywhere and every time.

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