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Mission critical networks

The drive for greater business efficiency and customer satisfaction, coupled with the desire for a smaller environmental footprint is creating new networking challenges for many companies. Data networks are the central nervous system for nearly every critical business system, transportation solution and utility that we rely on. Mission critical networks must be extremely resilient. They provide fresh drinking water to our homes and workplaces, 24/7 electricity, waste water systems, regular and reliable rail services, traffic control, global marine transportation of goods and more. It is essential to have the right solution in place. A system that does not work correctly will be expensive to run and maintain, inconvenient, dangerous and damaging to the environment.


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Ensure reliable mission critical networks

Every second of the day vital data is collected at the edge of data communications networks and transferred to the core of companies’ business systems. Decisions made at the core can then be communicated back to the edge of the network to control business assets. Environmental conditions are harsh at the network edge, making reliable, resilient and robust solutions vital.

Edge Networks Solutions have been developed by Westermo to meet the demands of mission critical networks. WeOS software, robust hardware, industry approvals and network tools are the cornerstones of Edge Network Solutions and when combined they create the most resilient and robust solutions for any mission critical network.

Westermo’s WeOS operating software delivers resilient networks that meet the specific needs of each application. Highly reliable Ethernet switches are designed and tested to operate in extreme environments and run resilient network protocols, reducing the risk of network failure. A broad range of international approvals and certifications ensures Westermo devices can be installed in specific industry applications. Network tools simplify installation and maintenance and enable secure remote connections to the network edge from anywhere in the world.



Continuously upgraded software solution incorporating functions to create resilient networks

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Robust hardware

The most reliable hardware on the market, designed for the most extreme environments

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Tested by external test houses to meet industrial EMC, isolation, vibration and shock standards

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Network tools

Configuration and control using `made easy’ software tools enabling increased availability and security

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