Time-saving Configuration Tool

WeConfig makes network configuration and maintenance more efficient, simple and reliable. Many hours of work can be saved in the initial installation, as well as in ongoing maintenance throughout the life of the network.

Machine Remote Access

M2Me solution is dedicated to remote maintain and control any type of industrial devices (PLC, HMI, Drive, …). Using M2Me you can from your PC, your tablet or your smartphone be “teleported” in real time and safely onto the remote site you want to monitor or maintain

Edge-Network Solution

The drive for greater business efficiency and customer satisfaction, coupled with the desire for a smaller environmental footprint is creating new networking challenges for many companies. Data networks are the central nervous system for nearly every critical business system, transportation solution and utility

Remote Scada Solution

Remote SCADA solution is dedicated to institutional bodies (City Hall, Regional Councils, …) and companies willing to settle a SCADA system capable de monitor, control and collect data from a fleet of devices (PLC, Cameras, HMI, captors, …).
Etic Telecom remote SCADA solution is capable of interconnecting the fleet of devices via routers, SHDSL switches, gateways, modem, ..

Westermo Operating System

WeOS, Westermo Operating System, provides an extensive suite of IP networking standards allowing resilient, secure and flexible networks to be created.

Train / Rail Trackside Solutions

Westermo have many years of experience in both data communication technologies and railway applications both trackside and on-board the rolling stock. Our real expertise is in developing products that can function in the harshest environments and meeting the toughest approval specifications.

Industrial Cyber Security

The ever changing cyber threat landscape requires agile response, and Westermo is dedicated to provide both robust and resilient data communications solutions and organizational agility to adapt to new and emerging threats. However, Westermo appreciate that establishing a good and sustainable security posture requires more than technology

Energy Solution

Energy is a fundamental requirement for today’s society. We need Electricity to power our cities and factories. Failure of power supply for even a short period causes chaos and results in significant economic problems.

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