Machine Remote Maintenance

Areskom İletişim Sistemleri

Machine and Automation Devices ( PLC, HMI, DRIVE and others ) Remote Maintenace

M2Me solution is dedicated to remote maintain and control any type of industrial devices (PLC, HMI, Drive, …). Using M2Me you can from your PC, your tablet or your smartphone be “teleported” in real time and safely onto the remote site you want to monitor or maintain.
The terminal of the remote operator shall be equipped with an M2Me Client (for PC or Smartphone) enabling a direct and secured connection to the M2Me server (Cloud solution operated by Etic Telecom). M2Me Client offers a user friendly HMI presenting the remote sites on directories.

A machine Access Box (Industrial VPN router, namely RAS) ensures the connection between the devices of the machine and the M2Me server  (secured VPN link)

–> More details about this solution( ETIC TELECOM – FRANCE )