Machine to Machine

De Ras-EW-220 is een Ethernet Machine Access box met 2x LAN/1x WAN en WiFi interface. Een USB, 1x RS232 en 1x RS485 interface voor een PLC verbinding.

Cloud oplossing

Samen met de M2Me software, een RAS 3G/4G router en de Etic-Telecom cloud server heeft men een totaal oplossing voor het op afstand beheren van machines en apparaten via een veilige VPN verbinding.

  • Ethernet or Wi-Fi WAN connection
  • LAN connection: 4 Ethernet
  • LAN connection: RS232, RS484, RS422 (options)
  • Wi-Fi : Access Point or Client
  • Compatible with M2Me solution
  • Backup M2Me connection (swap to the 2nd WAN)
  • SMS and E-Mail (option)
  • Compatible with options Pack_Alert and Pack_Alert & Display
M2Me Connect RAS-EW-220
Remote WAN access: • Factory internet
Additional remote WAN access: • WiFi
Ethernet, Serial & WiFi interface
Ethernet 10/100 MDIX LAN+WAN: • 2+1
Ethernet 10Mb/s • –
RS232 link: • 1
RS485 link: • 1
RS232 &RS485 link: • –
USB link (PLC connection): • 1
Serial RAW TCP & Telnet gateway: • Yes
Serial Modbus Master & Slave gateway: • Yes
WiFi client 2.4/5.5GHZ (abgn): • Yes
WiFi access point 2.4/5.5GHZ (abgn): • Yes
Access control with login & password: • Yes
Security call back: • –
User profile: • 25
Firewall and filtering of user: • Yes
Configuration and diagnostics
HTML – HTTPS configuration: • Yes
Dated records of connections: • Yes
Digital input for eMail alarming (with Pack_Alert) • 1
Digital input for SMS or eMail alarming (with Pack_Alert) • –
General characteristics Depending on model
Dimensions: • H x W x D, 135 x 47 x 115mm (RAS-E, RAS-EC or RAS-ECW)
• H x W x D, 130 x 38 x 110mm (RAS-M, RAS-I or RAS-G12)
Power: • 12 or 24VDC (9VDC ~ 40VDC)
Consupption: • RAS-E, RAS-M or RAS-I: 200mA/24VDC
• RAS-EC, RAS-ECW or RAS-G12e: 300mA/24VDC
Norm: • 2002/95/CE (RoHS), EN60950 & UL1950
Temperature range: • -20°C to +60°C, Humidity 5-95%
Ethernet (Factory network: • DHCP client or Fixed IP address
4G/3G+ Network: &bubull; 4G LTE Europe/Asia (USA and China on demand)
• 3G HSPA (World wide) 850/900/1900/2100MHz
• GPRS-EDGE 850/900/1700 AWS/1800/1900MHz
• Data rate max. 4G LTE:UL 50Mb/s – DL100Mb/s
• Data rate max. HSPA: UL 5,7Mb/s – DL 21Mb/s
• Data rate max. GPRS-EDGE: UL 237 Kb/s – DL 237Kb/s
• Antenna connector: SMA-male
• Minimum level for reception CSQ >=12 or SNR >= -90dBm (2 flashes)
WiFi network: • support 2,4 and 5,5GHz
• 802.11 a/b/g/h & supper AG
• SMA reversed connector female
PSTN network • PSTN modem V90 in line with CE and UL
• Operational world wide
ISDN network: • Interface S0 ETSI (Euro ISDN)
• Data rate 64Kb/s
GSM data: • Circuit switched data (CSD)
• Data rate: 9600b/s
Secured M2Me connection: • VPN client, Open VPN, UDP or TCP
• Authetication with X509 certificate
• Identification via Login & password of the remote user
RS232/RS485: • 9600 up to 115200b/s 10 or 11 bits
• Gateway Raw TCP client & server or UDP
• Telnet
• Modbus master or slave
•Unitelway for automation (master)
Software characteristics M2Me Secure
Operating system: • Windows 8, Seven 32 bits and 64 bits, VISTA and XP
Secured M2Me connection: • VPN client, Open VPN, UDP and TCP
• Port number: 80, 443, 1194, 5000, 50000 or 51000
Autentication: • X509 Certificate followed by login and password
Encryption: • AES, 3DES
Proxy authentication: • HTTP & SOCKS
Fuctions: • Direct secured connection over internet to an Open VPN server
• Connection via M2Me_connect service
• Connection via PSTN or ISDN
• Remote machine site directory
• Back up directory
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