3G/4G LTE Cellular to Ethernet and Serial Secure Industrial Gateway

•Extensive 3G and LTE Band Support
– EU: 2100/1800/850/2600/900/800MHz (B1/B3/B5/B7/B8/B20)
– US: 1900/AWS/850/700/700/1900MHz (B2/B4/B5/B13/B17/B25)
• High-performance IPsec VPN throughput, data-rate up to 37.9Mbps*
• Wide temperature, industrial grade platform
• 1 x 10/100/1000Mbps Ethernet port
• 1-port RS-232/485, baud rate up to 921.6 Kbps
• 1-Port USB2.0 high speed OTG + 1-Port USB Power only
• TCP Server/Client, UDP, Virtual COM supported
• 2 Digital Inputs/ 2 Digital outputs in I/O version
• Additional embedded power-bank for fault-relay capability (B version)

Providing connectivityfor the Internet of Things

SE5901B, Atop’s Industrial Serial to Ethernet and Cellular Gateway/Router is a high-performance, cost effective gateway for serial signal communications; allowing almost any serial device to be connected to Ethernet network and providing connect


Advanced features available

Flexible configuration options enable this unit to be setup over Ethernet by Telnet, Web Browser, Serial Console, or our Windows Utility. Atop Virtual COM software provides a virtual environment for applications when accessing SE5901B through TCP. A dedicated I/O version provides 2 Digital Inputs and 2 Digital Outputs, GPS version provides Global positioning system geolocation and, specifically for the Internet of Things, a “B” versionprovides additional 15 seconds power during a power failure, allowing the device to relay back to the host the failure. This is Maintenance 4.0.

Rugged and flexible for advanced developments

SE5901B embeds high EMC protection, wide temperature operation, programming and installation flexibility in one device. SDK versions allow you to make use of the powerful hardware and develop your own applications on top of Atop’s reliable APIs and with plenty of coding examples in Atop’s SDK. SDK versions are available upon request. Please contact Atop’s representative for additional information.

ivity to the world. Its powerful CPU provides up to 37.9Mbps* software-assisted AES encryption for protecting your data flow through the Internet with a secure IPsec VPN tunnel.

Ordering information
Software Type Model name Cellular Serial Ports I/O Other
Ethernet/ Cellular to SerialGateway, VirtualCOM and IPsec VPN Security SE5901B-D3G-US 3G (US) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-D3G-US 3G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-D3G-GPS-US 3G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS
SE5901B-4G-US 4G (US) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-4G-US 4G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-4G-GPS-US 4G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS
SE5901B-4G-B-US 4G (US) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-4G-B-US 4G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 Battery
SE5901B-IO-4G-GPS-B-US 4G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS – Battery
SE5901B-D3G-EU 3G (EU) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-D3G-EU 3G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-D3G-GPS-EU 3G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS
SE5901B-4G-EU 4G (EU) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-4G-EU 4G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-4G-GPS-EU 4G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS
SE5901B-4G-B-EU 4G (EU) 1 (DB9) Battery
SE5901B-IO-4G-B-EU 4G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-4G-GPS-B-EU 4G (EU) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS – Battery
Programmable Platform(SDK, APIs and User Manual provided) SE5901B-D3G-US-SDK 3G (US) 1 (DB9)
SE5901B-IO-D3G-US-SDK 3G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2
SE5901B-IO-D3G-GPS-US-SDK 3G (US) 1 (TB) +1 RS232 2/2 GPS
…-SDK (all versions as above are also available in SDK version)