We Config

WeConfig is a Network Configuration Management (NCM) Tool. It was developed to provide a simple method of network configuration of single or multiple Westermo devices. Once installed on a PC, the software scans the network for devices. Once the scan is complete a list of devices as well as a mini topology map is displayed. Now, basic configuration information like IP addresses can be quickly assigned and further configuration easily facilitated.

WeConfig is a simple monitoring and diagnostics tool in addition to its configuration capabilities. To achieve resilience WeOS devices automatically reconfigure themselves so the processes running on the network are unaffected. What this means however is that the user may be unaware that a failure has occurred. WeConfig graphically displays a failed link, as well as record the time of the event. WeConfig also include an SNMP traps log feature, as well as a view of communication details to assist with any resulting problem diagnosis. An alarm and event tab summarises received traps in a user-friendly interface.

Once devices are configured and the network commissioned, a manual or periodic backup of all the device configuration files can be easily made and stored. In the event that a switch or router needs to be replaced in service a rapid download of the saved configuration file results in a fast network repair. If a firmware upgrade is available for the network devices then a system-wide upgrade can be managed by WeConfig.

Once operational the network topology can be viewed in WeConfig and edited to more clearly show the interconnection of resilient network structures. Device properties can be easily read and additional equipment added rapidly and professionally. WeConfig is a tool that simplifies both the initial installation of a network and the ongoing maintenance once commissioned.

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